“Complementary Therapy” / “Alternative Medicine” is something of a misnomer when describing many of the therapies available, because people have been relying on acupuncture, Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, and massage for centuries whilst so-called “Conventional” medicine, “Allopathic” medicine, has only been in existence for a relatively short time.  Furthermore, these therapies do not necessarily replace conventional medicine but complement or support it.

Allopathic medicine has always tended to isolate a problem and treat it, often without any reference to the root cause.  Alternative medicine treats nothing in isolation, stressing instead the importance of the holistic approach; seeing the mind and body as inseparable and capable of self-repair if the individual is ready to take an active part in his or her own healing and general welfare.

In recent years “complementary therapy” has become increasingly popular as more and more of us decide to take control of our own health.  This is merely a long overdue acknowledgment that allopathic medicine has ignored the most important aspect of healing: the untapped power of dealing with the cause, rather than just the symptoms, and the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

Look at yourself!  The way your body works defies belief.  You are a miracle beyond imagination, far greater than that of drugs or surgery.  If you realise this and that the responsibility of maintaining your own health lies with you, you will be capable of anything.  You must learn to be guardian of your own health and welfare.  How you choose to do so is up to you but the fact that you have decided to review this material may prompt the realisation that each of us is an extraordinary being and therefore capable of creating miracles to match the miracle of life within us.

We must each take control of our own health treatment and management programs!