Welcome to Pascas Foundation, a not for profit organisation with a global network.

There are many hundreds, if not thousands of ways that we can engage that will bring about health to our bodies, even when professional health carers may consider that no help or recovery may be possible.

The library section herein contains unique guidance, such as:

Pascas Care – The Truth About Cancer
Pascas Care – The Truth About Cancer – Complementary Modalities
Pascas Care – The Truth About Cancer – Exploring Pathways

 Recovery from any illness episode is possible.  The pathways and support are readily shared throughout Pascas and we welcome you to share these gifts with who ever you please.

 Everything is interconnected, consequently Pascas shares guidance that embraces all facets of life.

 The wellbeing of the individual and family are paramount in all of our considerations.  Further, we have always looked towards solutions that are affordable and compatible with the conditions that prevail in any community, be they be remote and lacking development, or all the way through to major city environments.  Every individual is as important as any other individual personality.

 We have been provided with profound and uplifting understandings.  These are benefiting all aspects of living for people all around the world.  We also welcome your contributions to grow this body of knowledge as we progress along our mutual pathways.

 You are welcome to share in our free fortnightly mailout, and you are most welcome to share any of our Pascas Papers with who ever you please.  Growing one’s quality of life underpins all that we undertake.

John E Doel

Pascas Foundation