PASCAS Health has produced a voluminous number of documents, referred to as Pascas Papers that give an overview of the Pascas WorldCare group objectives and developmental areas of interest.  You will find that the areas of development are fairly comprehensive as they encompass numerous disciplines.  Many friends have been instrumental in bringing forward source material for compilation into the individual documents. 

Given the sheer volume of information it may come across as overwhelming for persons not already familiar with various aspects of the source material.  A suggested study method may be to select an area that interests you and begin reading.  Each subject document is intended to be complete within itself, thus foundational information will be found across various categories.  You may consider reading that once, and then peruse other areas of interest more easily by skipping to the topic material for that document.  You can then proceed to research the information further for yourself by following the embedded links and doing simple Google searches. 

A word about the foundational source materials and how they came about.   James Padgett, of Washington, D.C., received the cosmological information via automatic writing after his wife passed.  This began on 31 May 1914 much to his amazement and with considerable doubt about the sources from Padgett himself.  Eventually, thanks to the tireless dedication of Padgett’s companions that were with him when he received the messages, they were compiled into what is known as The Padgett Messages, received from 1914 through to 1923. 

The core concept is about the Divine Love, which our Creator has for us, is unconditional.  The concept that accompanies this is the gift of Free Will that we have been given.  Geoff Cutler has compiled the most comprehensive website that also contains The Padgett Messages and can be found at  Published editions with the messages in chronological order, have been compiled by Joseph Babinsky and can be ordered at (search for Joseph Babinsky).  They are also available from 

Though the sources of material are many and varied, a uniqueness is in the very small circulation of the core information that is shared with you here at PASCAS via way of the Pascas Papers:

The Book of Truths – incorporating the Padgett Messages edited by Joseph Babinsky 1914 – 1923
True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus Vol I, II, III, IV published by Geoff Cutler 1914 – 1923
New Testament Revelations via Dr Daniel Samuels 1954 – 1963
Judas of Kerioth edited by Geoff Cutler 2001 – 2003
The Golden Leaf via Zara Borthwick and Nicholas Arnold 2008 – 2011
The Richard Messages via James Reid 2012 – 2013
The Divine Universe via Zara Borthwick and Nicholas Arnold 2012 – 2013
Celestial Soul Condition via Zara and Nicholas 2014 – 2015
Shining Toward Spirit Vol I, II, III via Zara and Nicholas 2014 – 2015
Family Reunion Afterlife Contact by Joseph Babinsky 2014 – 2015
Traveller, An Immortal Journey via Zara and Nicholas 2014 – 2015
Destiny, Eternal Messages of Divine Love via Zara and Nicholas 2015 – 2016

These above sets of material can be read as one continuous message stream which is what they are.

Joseph Babinsky  Book of Truths, also Little Book of Truths and other books
Werner Voets  The Truth 
Col James Churchward  Books of the Golden Age and others 
Barbara Ann Brennan  Hands of Light 
John Bradshaw  Homecoming
Dr Bradley Nelson  The Emotion Code and The Body Code 
Dr Alexander Loyd  Healing Code
Dr Don Colbert  Deadly Emotions 
Dr Gabor Mate  When the Body Says No 
Dr David R Hawkins  Power vs Force, first of ten books 
Mehran T Keshe  The Universal Order of Creation of Matters, first of three books 
Geoff Cutler